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Calls, emails, reminders, tasks — Inbox keeps track of all your sales activities, making your workflow better and faster than ever before.


Manage your workflow gives you an overview of all your sales activities. Emails, calls, voicemails, tasks and reminders are automatically organized so that you always know what’s going on and what you should do next.

Stay on top of your pipeline


Inbox shows you the items that need attention. Once you complete a task or return a missed call, they will disappear from the list. Everything you do in is synced to Inbox, making sure you’re on top of your pipeline.

Track every touchpoint with your leads






This is your timeline view. It’s where you’ll see every touchpoint and activity for any given lead.

Complete team transparency

Your team has full access to everything that’s going on in the sales process. No one will feel like they’re left in the dark.

Simple and beautiful UI

We built to make your life easier, not more difficult. Whatever you’re looking for is just a few clicks away.


Built-in calling


Reach more leads in one click

With built-in one-click calling, you’ll reach more leads than ever. Never miss an opportunity with automatically logged calls, call transferring, voicemail drop and more.

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Two-way email syncing


Send more emails, faster

Our email tools will make sure you’re on top of your pipeline. Enjoy automatic follow-up reminders, personalized templates, bulk emails and more.

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Built-in SMS


Increase reach rates, faster

With built-in one-click SMS, you’ll get in touch with contacts faster than ever.

Remind contacts about upcoming appointments and respond to incoming messages right within

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Powerful search

Find your leads in seconds

Find any information about any lead within seconds, using a static text or dynamic search.

Create Smart Views for your most common searches to optimize your sales process.

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Actionable reporting


Turn data into deals

Measure your team’s performance and gain a better understanding of your pipeline.

Get a complete overview of emails sent, opened, response rates, number of calls made and more.

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Never miss a close comes with all the features you need to make sure no deals slip through the cracks.


Create tasks for yourself or other team members within any lead.

Follow-up reminders

Set up follow-up reminders and know when it’s time to check in.

Smart Views

Save your most used searches as Smart Views and reach the right leads faster.

Flexible API

Developers love’s simple yet powerful API.
Anything you can do in’s app, you can also do via the API.

Powerful integrations

We’ve got integrations with some of the biggest names in tech.
Connect to Zapier, Zendesk and more to get the most out of

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Jason Marsdale

About three weeks into, we’re seeing amazing results. One of my sales guys is up 50% in his personal sales. Others are up 10-20%.

Jason Marsdale

Senior Sales and Marketing Manager, Monroe Systems

Monroe Systems

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