Unlock the full potential of Helpified PRO

Helpified Pro gives you enhanced ability to control your profile and interact with other users.
You can transfer path ownership, add unlimited collaborators, Collections, and private Paths, view analytics and more.


Helpified would be great if you are:

Why upgrade to Helpified Pro?


  •  Unlimited collaborators on any Path
  •  Unlmiited Private Paths
  •  Put your Paths on interactive learning Collections
  •  Earn a PRO badge and instant respect from the community
  •  Enhanced support and quicker response times

What you get with Helpified Pro


When becoming an authority or displaying what you know to your superiors, you want to create something personalized and unique.
Helpified pro gives you more freedom and ability to go above and beyond the capabilities of normal uses.

Add Unlimited Collaborators

Organizing information is better together. Add as many collaborators to your paths as you wish. Give them editing power.


No Ads Ever

Our free version includes very subtle ads. When you upgrade, they’re gone forever. Pretty simple!


Collections for Organization

Sometimes paths simply aren’t enough to explain or remember everything you want. Collections are a way to organize paths.

Unlimited Private Paths

We get it – not everything needs to be public. You decide whether any path is publicly or privately displayed. Switch modes any time.


Transfer Paths

This gives you the ability to create a path and completely transfer ownership of it to a client, student or friend. Great for consultants and instructors.


You’re Way Cooler

Upgrading to Pro gets you a great looking badge on your profile, early access to updates, and phone support.