Working with Paths

A Path is a collection of any type of content around a given topic, task or idea.

Paths are used to guide people throught resources that they need to learn or complete something.

  •  Learning is best accomplished when organized by the individual
  •  Paths break learning into easily digestable chunks of information
  •  Paths provide endless options for customizing your learning
  •  Anything you want to learn is already on the internet
  •  Adds meaning to the countless online resources around every topic
  •  Gives you an easier way to organize and visualize web resources
  •  Being helpful is the best way to build your reputation

Build interactive learning Path simply by organizing resources from the web

Create a Path

Creating a Path is your first step before you add resources to it.
You can do this directly from your profile, or the Add+ button at the top of the site.
Give your Path a descriptive titleso it’s easy to find.
Then, add a description and you’re ready to add resources.

Make adding resources to paths even easier with our bookmarklet.
You can add as many links to your path, as you’d like.
We understand that sometimes you don’t have Helpified open while you’re doing research around the web.
The bookmarklet was created so you can add resources directly from any site.

Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar, and you’re all set.

We understand that links aren’t the only type of media that you use when looking for answers on the web.

Add videos, images, forms, collections, audio files and even upload documents to your Paths.

Helpified supports any type of resource that you can think of.

Learn more about what you can add to Helpified

But wait, there is more…

Be Private

Keep your Paths private

If you’re working on something that you don’t necessarily want to share with the public, you can create completely private Paths. Our Private Path feature is also great for keeping drafts and unfinished paths before you launch them.

Be Collaborative

Work together with collaborators

You can work together with your collaborators to add and organize resources in your Paths.
This is great for working together on projects, or even consulting or individualized instruction.

Be Updated

Start on Paths to get updated

Things change around the web, and new resources come out every day.
You’re automatically updated when you start a Path.
This way, if any changes happen to the Path, you’ll be updated immediately by email.

Be Effective

Track your own progress

Track progress as you go through resources inside of Paths.
This way, you know where you are, and you can set goal to build more knowladge.

Unlock the full potential of Helpified

Organize and display everything you’ve learned for easy access from anywhere.

Add unlimited collaborators and complete privacy to enhance your learning experience.