Smarter, More Capable Employees in Record Time

Better training leads to a higher quality staff that generates more profits.

Get your employees up to speed and ahead of the curve faster by organizing resources from the web into personalized learning paths.

Are you an individual?

Why learn using Helpified?

  • Easily measure progress and track results
  • Completely personalized learning for every employee
  • Put your Paths on interactive learning Collections
  • 100% private and secure to your company

Our Learning Templates Make Any Trainer World-Class

The teaching process is a science that we’ve mastered and turned into templates for you to utilize. Our teaching templates walk you through the exact steps you need to create the most effective training for any subject.

Unlimited Training Materials

No more expensive and outdated training material. Use the web to gather any type of training media or material.

Enhance Your Company’s Culture

Smart companies focus on learning. Allow your staff to build skills and relationships through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Build More Skills in Less Time

Eliminate wasted time, and close skills gaps with completely personalized learning paths for any skill or learner.

Track and Reward Talent

Track each individual as they train to measure their results. Create built-in assessments for complete understanding. Reward proficiency!

Cut Costs and Make More Money

Smarter, better trained employees will make more money. Using Helpified, you can achieve that at a fraction of the cost.

Collaborate and Inspire

Allow members to train together or separately in the office or remotely. Level the playing field and allow for peer to peer learning along with training.