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Everything you’ve learned in one place

Helpified gives you a place to visually organize any type of resource you come across.
Display it any way you’d like to show employers and peers what you know.
Keep it forever to refer back to what you learned.

Save and organize your learning materials and research

To help you collect the best resources we’ve created a browser extension.
Share knowledge with the click of a button.

Collaborate and learn together

Utilize a network full of other teachers, and an easy platform for saving, organizing and displaying resources to save you hours of time each week.

Remember what you learned

Have you ever forgot what you learned the previous semester?
Easily organize and catalogue notes, research and materials from every class.


Add youtube or vimeo videos, news or wikipidia articles. Never lose a link.


Write small notes and articles. Save quotes


Upload documents, images, screenshots, audio and video files

Earn badges as you complete paths

Get rewarded for your proficiency! Take built-in quizzes for complete understanding.

Shane founder

“We always struggled with training clients and our own employees. With Helpified, we have a simple way to manage all of that.”

1ST Labs

Better then a resume

Bullet points don’t tell the whole story. Make your hard work visual and obvious. Stand out amongst the competition.

Shane founder

“We use Helpified to share information across our student body and privately for staff continuing education and to allow our professors easy access to learning materials for students. It couldn’t be simpler.”

St. Bonaventure University

Even more reasons to
on Helpified

Become an authority

You make it easier for other people to gain knowledge and skills simply by organizing resources for yourself. Working together and learning with others is easier than doing it alone.

Create path collections

With collections you can group learning paths by topic, subject or category. Following collections to stay updated when new paths are getting added

Stay organized

Organize and display everything you’ve learned for easy access from anywhere. Promote your skills to employers and peers.

Collaborate privately and publicly

You have the option to make your paths private if you want to share with one or a small group of people.